Duvet covers – buying guide, ranking and tests in 2019

Before spending to acquire a duvet cover, it would be wise to gather some information about this product. A random purchase risks falling on a model whose characteristics do not match your needs. The information to be considered mainly concerns its constituent material, the size and the weaving of this article. Not having enough time to consult our buying guide and the classification of a few models in full, here are the covers that deserve your attention. CTI 042753 Frozen Winter is made of 100% natural cotton, marking its softness. This product is soft and at the same time light. It is accompanied by fibers which wick away perspiration in an optimal way. Catherine Lansfield Home City Scape is made of cotton and polyester. Its weaving is tight, marking its resistance. Its closure is practical by the presence of pressure buttons.

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How to choose a duvet cover?

The purchase of a duvet cover should in no case be done at random if you do not want to invest in a bad product. This is why, in this guide to buying the best duvet covers, we give you the characteristics to take into account before purchasing. Our advice for buying a good duvet cover is oriented towards the consideration of three characteristics of the product: the material of which it is made, its size and its weaving.

Purchase guide

The material that constitutes it

People often worry because they don’t know how to buy a better value duvet cover. If you are one of these people, then take the time to know the main point to consider before buying a duvet cover: the material that makes it up.

It is important to find out about the material that makes up this product before purchasing, as this conditions the comfort provided by the cover, its resistance and its compatibility with your duvet.

The most known material and which contains all these strong points is cotton and more particularly Egyptian cotton. This material is capable of retaining heat in winter to keep you warm and is breathable in summer to cool you. Egyptian cotton, whether used alone or in combination with another material, remains very resistant and is compatible with any type of duvet. But it is preferable that the cover is made of 100% of this material because its durability is guaranteed in the long term. This is why, it is necessary to check on the packaging of the cover or on its description, if this material is mentioned somewhere.


When asking yourself at some point where to buy a new duvet cover, it is important first of all to find out about the size variants of this product. It is essential to know these size variants to avoid having a cover that is too small or too large for your duvet or bed.

In the case where your bed and duvet are standard, you should pay attention to the elastic and edged covers in order to guarantee a better fit without taking the time to take action. But in case your bed is not standard, you have to be careful and check the size of the cover to compare it with that of the duvet or bed.


To be able to look at the price comparison, it is essential to check the weaving of the duvet cover to ensure your comfort. The weaving of the duvet cover is a guarantee of comfort if you make the right choice at the time of purchase. It can be firm or soft but the important thing is that the product you choose meets your needs.

If you like quilt covers that are easy to hold and have no risk of slipping, then it is better to opt for a firm weaving product. But if you only want a soft and flexible cover even if it is likely to slip, then opt for a soft and more liberated weaving model.

The best duvet covers of 2019

Recommended products

CTI 042753 Frozen Winter

Main advantage

This high quality duvet cover is printed with characters from the famous cartoon “the snow queen”. It will be ideal to plunge your little girl into a sweet and pleasant sleep.

Main drawback

Because it matches the colors of the cartoon, this duvet cover is only available in blue, with no option for other colors.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

To guarantee your child pleasant nights, this product is perfect given the quality of its finish as well as the decor it brings to the bedroom.

Main Features Explained

Quality material

CTI 042753 Frozen Winter is made from 100% natural and organic cotton. The virtues of this fabric are no longer to be remembered, whether in terms of longevity or comfort. Indeed, this material allows the cover to be used for several years before showing some signs of weakness.

The texture of this material is both soft and supple. The fabric therefore offers the duvet a light and pleasant contact with the skin, which will rock your child overnight. The fibers are ideally spaced to make it as easy as possible to wick away perspiration. Thanks to its breathable texture, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a light and warm blanket on cooler nights.

Pleasant design

Unlike adults who place too much emphasis on quality over aesthetics, children place great importance on this criterion. It is therefore important to address this issue in order to best satisfy your little girl. CTI 042753 Frozen Winter differs from other duvet covers on the market by the designs printed there. We note in particular the two princesses who are among the main characters of the cartoon the snow queen. Your little girl will like it if she enjoyed watching the film, which will easily take her into a wonderful dream.

The colors that make up the cover are bright and rather correct. The features of the characters are perfectly reproduced in order to give even more realism to the decoration of your child’s bedroom. In addition to that, it goes very well in the washing machine and the dryer without the precious colors deteriorating.

Practical use

In order to complete the cover, the manufacturer offers a pillowcase that is in perfect harmony with the rest. It is quite original because it is reversible and therefore offers two different sides to the user. This has both an impact on the design and especially on the magic that her pillow brings to your little girl’s life.

With universal dimensions of 140 x 120 centimeters, this cover adapts very easily to the majority of children’s bed sizes. This will prevent your little girl from being too crowded with this product or having too narrow a blanket.

For hygiene reasons, CTI 042753 Frozen Winter has been specially treated to prevent insects and mites. This can not only harm your child’s health, but also quickly damage the cover.

Catherine Lansfield “Home” City Scape is a duvet cover model made of a mixture of black and white colors, with a contemporary design that will give an urban appearance to your room whatever its decoration. It comes with two pillowcases of the same color and the whole is in perfect harmony to give your room a modern appearance.

The front and back of this model are made of a blend of cotton and polyester material. This guarantees that you are well protected against bacteria or all kinds of allergens that your duvet can contain.

The weaving of this model is tight to ensure its durability over time and to guarantee you a better hygienic condition by remaining impermeable to any type of allergen.

As for its maintenance, it can be washed in a machine at 40 ° C, it dries at a low temperature and it is ironed at a medium temperature.

Regarding the closure system located at the feet, this model has snaps making closing more convenient. This guarantees that you never have to worry about spontaneous opening of this closure.

Because of these characteristics, it should appear at the top of your list of models to compare if in your search for duvet cover 200 × 200 you establish a comparison.

Learn about the features of the Catherine Lansfield “Home” City Scape Duvet Cover before determining where to buy the best duvet cover. In our opinion, it is the best performing of the moment.

Pros A modern duvet cover: The patterns of this duvet cover are really modern and you can really appreciate them if you like industrial decor. Comes with 2 pillowcases: The Catherine Lansfield \ “Home \” City Scape duvet cover comes with 2 pillowcases. Duvet cover ideal for people who suffer from allergies: Thanks to its antiallergenic treatment, you will be able to sleep there peacefully, without having to fear various bacteria. A duvet cover created to last over time: Even after several washes, this cover can keep its colors. Easy maintenance by appointment: You don’t have to take it to the dyer to wash it, it can be washed at 40 ° C. Cons The duvet is removable: It is placed on the bed, it cannot be fixed to the mattress, it disturbs people who move a lot in their sleep.

Specially adapted to a bed size for two people, Douceur d ‘interior So Natural is a very elegant duvet cover model, whether on the front or the back. It is also accompanied by two pillowcases of color in harmony with its face side.

The color of the set is made of a mixture of beige and brown tones both discreet and very sophisticated comparing the design of this model to that of the best duvet cover and more particularly to that of the best duvet cover not expensive market.

It is 220 cm wide and 240 cm long, which is perfectly suited to a duvet for two people.

The material of which it is made is entirely of cotton which is a hygienic material limiting exposure to allergens when you sleep under your duvet. The resistance of this model over time is explained by the fact that the weaving of the material that constitutes it is very tight.

It is soft and light guaranteeing the adaptability of its use to all seasons.

This model is easy to maintain, it can be washed in a machine at 40 ° C and dried by a dryer. On leaving these machines, the cover remains as new.

Which duvet cover to choose if you have an intense need for zen patterns? In our opinion, the So Natural Indoor Softness Duvet Cover could do the trick and is even the cheapest on our list.

Pros A large duvet cover: With this duvet cover, you can sleep comfortably, it is very large. Soft and soothing patterns: The patterns on this duvet cover are very soft and soothing. Entirely cotton: Thanks to its natural cotton fabric, you will be able to draw a line under the problems of allergies. Easy maintenance: This duvet cover passes without problem into the washing machine. Cons The fabric is quite light: The fabric of this duvet cover is quite light and thin, ideal for summer, but inconvenient for winter.

Rapport Jungle Boogie is a very cheerful color children’s bedding set. The cover features a set of jungle animals including elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos, lions and monkeys.

The dimensions of this model include 200cm in length and 135cm in width which is perfectly suited for a child’s bed.

It comes with a single pillowcase 50cm wide and 75cm long, the color and pattern of which are identical to those of the cover. The whole gives a child’s bedroom a surprising elegance.

This model is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, both of which are hygienic materials so that your child always benefits from a healthy condition every time he sleeps.

It is also washed using a washing machine and dried using a dryer to make it easier for you during each interview and to allow your child to always sleep under conditions healthy.

This model is intended to be the only answer to your questions if you are currently wondering which is the best duvet cover on the market or which children’s duvet cover should be purchased.

If you are looking for a duvet cover for your child, you can compare the Rapport Jungle Boogie model to others in its category.

Pros A cheerful duvet cover: Its cheerful patterns are well suited to children, the cover in question is very cheerful. Perfect dimensions for a child’s bed: With its dimensions of 200x135cm, this duvet cover is very suitable for a child’s bed. Made with two fabrics: This duvet cover is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, so it can last well over time. Cons The duvet cover is quite thin: This cover is quite thin and because of this, it may not last over time, especially if you wash it often. The pressure closure does not really last over time: By force of washing, the pressure closure may break.

Sleeptime Romance is a very elegant duvet cover model showing on its front side a shade of pink, black and white colors. Its exceptional pattern gives your room a look that is both simple and modern. It is accompanied by two pillowcases in perfect harmony with the cover highlighting any type of decoration of a bedroom.

Regarding its size, its width is equal to 140 cm and its length to 200 cm which is perfectly suited to a bed for two people.

It is mainly made of microfiber which is a light synthetic textile fiber, very fine and very soft to the touch allowing you to enjoy maximum comfort under your duvet and to be protected against possible allergens which may harm your condition. health. Because of this characteristic, this model keeps warm and is very pleasant to the touch.

Ranking & Buying Guide: Top duvet covers The name of this brand

Maintaining this model for use under the best hygienic conditions is simple. Just clean it with a washing machine and dry it with a dryer, both of which are tasks that require minimal effort on your part.

So if at the moment you are wondering how to choose the model that suits you among the best duvet covers of 2019, you have a relevant answer to your question.

Sleeptime Romance is considered the best brand of duvet covers and it is far from being wrong even if this model is not the best of our selection.

Pros Really romantic motif: The motif of this duvet cover is quite special, it would suit lovers. Dimensions designed for a double bed: With these dimensions, this duvet cover is perfectly capable of protecting a duvet for two people. Easy care: The duvet cover can easily be washed in the washing machine. Cons A satin texture: Everyone agrees that this cover is beautiful and yet only a few people appreciate its satin texture. The pillowcases are wide enough: The pillowcases that come with this duvet cover are wide enough, which might displease people who have standard pillows.

If the animated film “The Snow Queen” is one of your daughter’s favorites, why not give her this CTI 042753 pillow comforter in the image of the two princesses and heroines in history. This accessory will surely please your child, it will help him spend fabulous nights.

This duvet is made of 100% cotton and is 140 cm x 120 cm (standardized dimensions). In any point, this duvet should satisfy all of your child’s desires. By choosing this model, you will have no difficulty putting her to bed. This item comes with a reversible pillowcase on delivery.

Since it is made with natural and organic cotton, this duvet can accompany your child for many years. It is also very soft and very light, the evacuation of perspiration through the fibers is optimal. With proper maintenance, this duvet will always offer adequate comfort, regardless of the seasons.

This duvet has other advantages, other than comfort. You could use this quilt as a bed cover or a fitted sheet depending on the child’s needs. Very light, this quilt washes and dries very easily.

You want to offer your child a duvet that will keep him warm on winter nights and cool on summer nights, this CTI-042753 is the item best suited to his expectations. Besides, this duvet only elicits positive comments about it on the comparative sites.

Pros A quilt of excellent quality: Although this quilt is of exemplary quality, it is available at a more than competitive price. The reversible pillowcase: The reversible pillowcase offers a touch of originality to the whole product. The cover of the duvet is innovative: It was developed to fight against mites and insects. Cons The size of the comforter: Standard size, this comforter is not wide enough for large beds, however, the length is right in the standards. A quilt that is difficult to maintain: It is imperative to follow the maintenance instructions to prevent the quilt from creasing too quickly.

When it comes to sleep, choose the best devices that combine both comfort and softness. You then bought yourself a comforter that will make you comfortable in your bed. Indeed, this element is not only used to warm you up, but also offers you great comfort thanks to its softness and lightness. While it might seem like using it should be a breeze, it still turns out to be essential to focus on these next steps.

Defining your size

Determining which size is best is the first step. To do this, you must first know the size of your mattress. For better comfort, it is recommended to choose a duvet size larger than that of the mattress.

Prioritize all-season duvets

You do not know how to choose? Don’t want to buy as many quilts as there are seasons? There are duvets called “four seasons”. These are then made up of 2 duvets, a light one for summer, a thicker one to use in spring or autumn. The two can then be assembled to compose an ideal duvet in winter.

Insert the duvet in its cover

To do this easily, you need a duvet cover, the quilt in question and six clothespins. Start by threading the upper left corner and put two clothespins that pinch the cover and the duvet. Then finish inserting the same side and put pliers in the bottom left corner. Change sides and bring the quilt in the top right and put two clips in the corner.

Finish this field like the previous one and put the last clamp at the bottom right. Finally, take the two corners at the bottom and shake together and the duvet will put itself in the cover.

Always ventilate the duvet

Whether synthetic or natural fibers, the duvet should be shaken and ventilated regularly. It should always be protected by a duvet cover of the same dimensions.

Machine wash

The duvet can be machine washed like all your household linens. However, make sure you have a device capable of handling between 8 and 17 kg of linen. Otherwise, clean it in the laundromat. In addition, you must wash your accessory at a temperature that does not exceed 60 ° C whether synthetic or filled with down. And to prevent the fibers from settling, remember to beat the laundry well by inserting washing balls in your machine.

Ranking & Buying Guide: Top duvet covers Even after

Replace the duvet if necessary

After five or even seven years of good and loyal service, a duvet can age. It is then time to replace it. If, however, most of us are reluctant to throw away our old comforters, it is strongly recommended that they store them in a dry place and preferably in their original packaging.

The most popular brands

Your duvet needs to be protected to keep it in good condition. To do this, it is advisable to acquire a cover. On the other hand, you could be lost among the many models which you will find in the trade. Faced with this, we will help you identify the most reliable brands in the field.

The name of this brand may sound familiar to you if you are used to buying this kind of accessory. Otherwise, know that this is one of the most popular signs on the market. Indeed, the brand prioritizes the quality of its products to meet customer requirements. She has managed to differentiate herself by making constant improvements in the articles she offers to her customers. It is for this reason that buyers prefer Douceur de Interior. This supplier is known for their duvet covers, but that’s not all.

Indeed, it makes available to customers many articles that will facilitate daily life. This manufacturer is generally involved in the creation of bed linens, namely the fitted sheet, the cushion cover, the bed linen and many others. However, he also wanted to expand his activities by designing various accessories. So you can find interior furniture, toilet bags or even kitchen gloves from this brand.

Present on the market since 2012, Lovely Casa is gradually establishing itself in the ready-to-install accessories sector. From its creation, it immediately joined the field of French and international distribution. At that time, the brand asserted its difference and that is what allowed it to gain a good market share. Lovely Casa invented stylish items to meet the needs of a certain category of customers. This brand is very popular with buyers who want to live in an original interior.

In order to strengthen its presence in the trade, Lovely Casa designs two collections each year as well as two others for the mid-season. This is what allows him to procure a wide choice of products which are sold at a very affordable price. In any case, the quality of the articles is always respected by the manufacturer. That said, Lovely Casa offers most of the household linens you need every day. This is the case for duvet covers, various curtains, bedspreads, floor cushions or even chair pads.

This brand specializes in the design of linens that are made to adorn your bedding. Even if he is not the leader in this sector, he has gradually established himself on the market which is invaded by the big brands. This is the reason why Louisiana Bedding is particularly recommended by connoisseurs. This sign is particularly aimed at people who wish to decorate their interior with high quality linens. Indeed, the manufacturer only favors quality and reliable materials to adapt to the expectations of buyers. It is by taking into account the needs of each of its customers that Louisiana Bedding has managed to keep its place among the best suppliers on the market. Besides, it keeps making improvements, whether in terms of quality or design.

To cover the demands of every home, Louisiana Bedding sells products like duvet covers, bed linen, fitted sheets and many others. As a result, customers no longer have to go elsewhere to get the linens they need for their bedding. In addition, the brand has set itself the goal of offering its items at competitive prices in order to be accessible to all portfolios.